Easter Egg in APK Files: What Is Frosting

Frosting and APK Signing Block

Google uses a special signature for APK files when publishing apps on Google Play. This signature is stored in the APK Signing Block, which precedes the central directory of ZIP files and follows its primary contents:

  • 0x504b4453 (DEPENDENCY_INFO_BLOCK_ID) — a block that apparently contains dependency metadata, which is saved by the Android Gradle plugin to identify any issues related to dependencies
  • 0x71777777 (APK_CHANNEL_BLOCK_ID) — a Walle (Chinese gizmo) assembler block, which contains JSON with a channel ID
  • 0xff3b5998 — a zero block, which I ran into in the file — I couldn't find any information on that
  • 0x2146444e — a block with the necessary metadata from Google Play

Frosting and Play Market

Let us get back to analyzing the 0x2146444e block. First off, we should explore the innards of the Play Market application.

Frosting and ProtoBuf

This information is sufficient for signature validation. Alas, I failed to figure out what is hidden in the frosting block data. The only thing I was able to discover was the data has a ProtoBuf format and varies greatly in size and the number of fields depending on the file.

  • com.google.android.feature.DPS
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_EXPERIENCE
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_2017_EXPERIENCE
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_2019_EXPERIENCE
  • com.google.android.feature.ANDROID_ONE_EXPERIENCE
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_2018_EXPERIENCE
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_2020_EXPERIENCE
  • android.hardware.ram.low
  • com.google.android.apps.dialer.GO_EXPERIENCE
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_2020_EXPERIENCE
  • android.hardware.camera.level.full
  • com.google.android.feature.PIXEL_2020_EXPERIENCE


In summary, a frosting block in the signature helps to precisely ascertain if a file has been distributed through an official store. I wasn’t able to derive any other benefit from this signature.



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