Our New Log4j Scanner to Combat Log4Shell

2 min readDec 14, 2021

Log4Shell is a critical vulnerability in the Log4j logging library, which is used by many Java web applications.

In protecting against the exploit of Log4Shell, you need to know what applications are vulnerable to this attack, which is a rather difficult task. To make things easier, we have developed a special scanner, which is now available on GitHub.

The scanner will help find applications that are using the vulnerable Log4j library.

Log4Shell is a critical vulnerability in the Log4j logging library, which is used by many Java web applications. The exploitation of this vulnerability leads to remote code execution (RCE). The exploit has already been published, and all Log4j libraries as recent as version 2.15.0 can be affected.

Problem. Log4Shell poses a serious risk and requires immediate understanding of how to protect against any attacks exploiting this vulnerability. However, there is no easy way to find out which applications need to be secured.

  • On the web, you can find the types of affected software. But what if the services within your own organization are using Log4j?
  • Scanning external service hosts will not provide a clear picture. This is because Log4Shell can manifest itself regardless of what is being logged, a User-Agent header or user entries in a form at any moment after authentication. There is no guarantee that a scanner will detect the vulnerable library, but adversaries could easily come across it.

BI.ZONE solution. We have developed our own scanner that uses YARA rules, which is now deployed on GitHub. It scans the memory of Java processes for Log4j signatures. The scanner functions directly on the host, rather than through the Internet.

The scan output is a list of hosts that contain applications with Log4j, which enables you to personally check if the library version is vulnerable.

If it does turn out to be vulnerable, the BI.ZONE WAF cloud service will help you protect against external attacks using Log4j. It is not going to eliminate the need to install patches, but it will mitigate the risk of successful Log4Shell exploitation.




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